Cloud Bookmarker

These last few days I have realized a dream of a few years – to have a personal cloud-based bookmark management service. 

Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma

This weekend I watched Dr Hannah Fry‘s documentary on game theory, and was inspired by her discussion of Robert Axelrod‘s tournament to simulate the iterated prisoner’s dilemma (IPD) for myself.

Prime Number Digit Frequencies

Today I became curious about the relative frequencies of the digits that appear in prime numbers (in base 10). Naturally, I wrote a little program to show the answer (digit-freq2):

Halstead Software Complexity of Perl Code

The other day I stumbled across the Wikipedia entry for Halstead software complexity and became curious about how the language Perl would measure up. Now I knew the age old adage that “only perl can parse perl”, but I also knew about the PPI set of modules on the CPAN.  So I got to reading/experimenting…

Personal Developer Productivity Tools

It seems that everyone has a “Here’s my toolbox” write-up.  So here’s mine (in abbreviated laundry-list form)!

Bach Choral Harmony Network Diagrams

Today I decided to revisit the Bach Choral Harmony data set and look at chord progression transitions. In order to do this I wrote a small program that tallies the movement from one chord to another, and then outputs a Graphviz dot file that can be turned into an image.

Zen Markov Machine

Today I used the requests and BeautifulSoup Python libraries to harvest 101 Zen koans.  Next I used the NLTK and markovify libraries to generate random statements:

How Many Primes Are In A Slice Of Pi?

Questions: What is the number of primes per n-slice of the decimal part of pi? What does the graph look like? Are there many overlapping primes (i.e. start at the same position in the slice)?

Predicting Beatles Song Authorship with scikit-Learn

Yesterday I read about a 10 year effort to predict the author of Beatles songs by lyrics, tonal contour and chord analysis. Hmm very curious.  Can I replicate a part of this I wonder?  tl;dr:

Predicting Star Trek TOS Spoken Lines with scikit-Learn

In a previous post, I collected the transcripts of all the original Star Trek seasons and analyzed linguistic features of Kirk and Spock.  In this post, I train a scikit-Learn model on the Kirk, Spock and McCoy lines spoken in hopes that one of those three speakers can be guessed when given unknown lines.