Bach Note Transition Frequency “Music”

What are the note frequencies of music by Bach?  That is, “How often does an F follow a C?” etc.  What does it sound like if you “reconstruct” playable music from these frequencies?

Let’s see!

First, we find some Bach MIDI.  I chose Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring.

Next, we feed that to my note-transition program:

This produces a file called “note-transition.dat” that is a collection of the MIDI note numbers and their proportional frequencies of one track.  Here is part of Jesu:

Next we feed that result file to my stat-walk program, asking for 128 notes:

This program is very simple.  Each note gets a quarter note value and there are no dynamics like velocity changes.  Anyway, the above command produces a MIDI file called “stat-walk.mid” which you can hear with a handy program like timidity:

But I took the liberty of enhancing it a bit with my DAW and came up with this:


Update: I made copies of the programs that honor multiple tracks.  The output is spartan – a simultaneous quarter note for each track of notes. YMMV: note-transition-sync and stat-walk-sync.  Here is our Bach:


And here is a very different Beethoven Moonlight Sonata: