Visualizing US Presidential Elections

I am a curious cat by nature, and a visual one at that, so back in 2012 I made a little scatter plot of the popular votes in the recent presidential election… { “tl;dr” : “ & 1900 to 2012 elections” }

Secrets and Paranoia! Oh My!

Of all the news I have read about private citizen data being “collected” by the NSA and other government agencies (both domestic and foreign), no one has mentioned that this data is susceptible to leaking *from* those agencies. All the stories I have read point out that governments are violating privacy and specifically the American Bill of Rights by collecting and retaining this […]

Up and Running!

What follows are the sometimes gory, sometimes paraphrased details of creating this very site, on my trusty 13″ MacBookPro, As with most of life, there is more than one way to do it. This is one.