Secrets and Paranoia! Oh My!

Sam Lowry - BrazilOf all the news I have read about private citizen data being “collected” by the NSA and other government agencies (both domestic and foreign), no one has mentioned that this data is susceptible to leaking *from* those agencies.

All the stories I have read point out that governments are violating privacy and specifically the American Bill of Rights by collecting and retaining this data, but none appear to point out that the data may be compromised.

In my humble opinion, this is obvious.  It is not just private companies that have cracker break-ins and theft of customer data!

Also, this is obvious to me: The collected data is gained by either force or favor.  Because government is a revolving door with contractors and big business in general, these favors and “requests through proper channels” logically extend to any government entity, person or even corporation that “asks nicely” or has a “friend” in the secret clearinghouses.

Are you sure that your happy vacation to another country won’t be interrupted by their police who somehow “know” that were naughty in the past and incarcerate you?

Do you think that you will not be targeted by a vindictive entity?

Are you sure that you won’t be mistaken by militarized, over-zealous police for Archibald Tuttle, when you are actually Archibald Buttle?

“Nothing to hide” has nothing to do with these aspects.