Making Chernoff Faces with Perl

Today being a Saturday, I decided to noodle around with the GD::Simple module and constructed rudimentary Chernoff faces – Cartoon data visualization.

Sonic L-Systems

In 1968, Aristid Lindenmayer introduced “L-systems” to the world.  Basically, this is an iterative rewriting system of rules that operates on a string beginning with an “axiom” or initial string.

Book of Revelation Sentiment Analysis

I decided to write my own sentiment analysis library and use it to investigate the KJV Bible Book of Revelation.  The full library is here.

Bible Books Cosine Similarity

How do the books of the KJV Bible compare to each other word for word?  Are Old Testament books more similar to other Old Testament books?  Same for the New Testament?  What about the Greek (Nestle-Aland 26th/27th edition) translation of the New Testament?

Musical Ngrams

What are the most repeated phrases of musical compositions?  Naturally I wrote a program to tell me!

Terry Riley’s “In C” (in Perl)

The composer Terry Riley was experimenting with generative forms of music and came up with an interesting technique: Give fragments of musical phrases (motifs) to musicians to play in order, but looping however many times they desire.  This results in a sort of “free-form round” – like “Row Your Boat”, only schizophrenic with phrases appearing […]

Linguistic Analysis of the State of the Union Addresses

This weekend I harvested 231 State of the Union addresses up to 2017 and put them through NLP processing.

Prime Group Percentages

As usual, I am curious about the distribution of the primes.  This morning I wondered what percent of numbers with N digits were prime.  Not an earth shattering curiosity…  Naturally, I wrote a little perl program to answer it for me. 

Dimensional Personality Disorder Assessment

Timothy W. Butcher and I collaborated on a number of diverse projects.  One was a personality disorder quiz that he devised while taking an abnormal psychology university course. Since 1999, when we made it, the quiz and the anonymous data and chart history has been lost to time.  But recently I found and resurrected the […]

Kung Fu Wisdom

So I downloaded the transcripts of the classic television show, Kung Fu and wondered what philosophical insight they might hold…