Visualizing Vocalization with R

One day I decided that I wanted to have the ability to see a frequency x time “amplitude density” plot of sound – specifically dolphin and bird voices.

So the first task was to locate some sounds!  Preferably these should be free from all other sounds, including those from the ambient environment – splashing, microphone bumping, wind blowing, etc.  For this, I scoured youtube (not for long though) until I found acceptable clips.  Next I copied/pasted the video URL into a “YouTube to MP3” converter site and downloaded the generated MP3.

Because I wanted to visualize a few seconds at a time, this audio was all way too long.  Also they include both “clean” and noisy sections.  Also I need to have them in WAV format!  So to handle this I move onto the second task: clipping and exporting with Audacity.

That is, open the MP3 file in Audacity and locate a short, clean section.  Remove the beginning and ending, leaving only the short, clean clip.  Export this as a WAV.

Next is to visualize this with R.







How about a birdsong?







Ok. What about a few seconds of JFK?